We already had a web site but this replaces it.

This is great news and we are really excited about it because:

  1. Our new blog software is a minimal version of the Kidoju MEAN architecture.
  2. It is deployed on Amazon AWS, with multiple docker containers, nginx proxies and an AWS load balancer.

In other words, we have turned this web site into a test lab to bullet proof our Kidoju architecture and deployment before release.

We are online!

Apart from the benefits of such test lab, we have built a new blog software for several reasons:

  1. Considering our extensive use of Kendo UI widgets, customizing WordPress, Blogger or Ghost to our UI design guidelines was not an easy task;
  2. Although Jekyll and Octopress are very neat, we feel that rebuilding and redeploying each time content changes is too constraining.
  3. We enjoy markdown and Github offers a great environment to write and version markdown files.

We have made our blog software free to use for everyone. It uses Kendo UI, it reads markdown and automatically pulls new content from Github each time a change is detected.