Kidoju is now online at

Available features include the creation, search and execution of quizzes and interactive knowledge tests with automatic correction. Featurewise, Kidoju is different from its competitors including Quizlet, Qzzr and Socrative because of its PowerPoint-like web-based user interface with an extensible toolset which comprises as of today:

  • Text (Labels),
  • Images,
  • Video,
  • Audio,
  • Short answers (Textboxes),
  • Alternative multiple choice questions (Buttons and radio buttons),
  • Cumulative multiple choice questions (Checkboxes),
  • Connectors to link concepts represented as text or images,
  • Drop zones to drag and drop objects on targets.

Kidoju is in betatest!

Our roadmap plans :

  • The mobile application and version 1 for Q4 2016, and
  • Class management and work assignments (version 2) for Q4 2017.

New tools will be made available along the way.